South Shore Regional School Board

The next Board Meeting is scheduled for this Wednesday, January 24th at 6:00 p.m. Agenda can be found under the "governing board" tab above. ~ Public Welcome ~

Board Receives Supplemental School Review Information

At the February 13th, 2013 School Board Meeting, staff presented supplemental school review information to the Governing Board. After receiving the Study Committee Responses, members of the Governing Board asked staff to gather additional information to clarify questions and concerns raised by the responses. This package of information can be found HERE.

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Governing Board Receives Study Committee Responses

At a special meeting on Monday, February 4, 2013, the Governing Board received Study Committee Responses from the six schools under review. These reports are written in response to the Impact Assessment Reports developed when schools are identified for review. To view the Impact Assessment Reports and the Study Committee Responses, click HERE. The Governing […]

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Unlike Cyberbullying

Four students from the South Shore are hoping to stop a terrible virus from spreading. The Department of Education joined forces Evan Hennigar, Grace Adams, Connor Zink and Maggie Baxter from Bayview Community School, to create an anti-cyberbullying campaign. After submitting the campaign idea, “People, not profiles” when the Department of Education put out a […]

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